Shoppers Paradise

As an tourist you will come across great shopping avenues in Dharamshala. The place gives you a chance of lifetime to explore wide range of colorful handicraft items.

The Kotwali Bazaar & Macleodganj

The prime shopping attraction of Dharamshala is the Kotwali Bazaar. It makes an elaborate depiction of the simple lifestyle of the town. Macleodganj is another shopping attraction of the town presenting the right combination of ethnic and modern shopping experience. You will find some amazing items exclusive to Tibetan culture in these markets.

Tibetan Carpets

The main shopping attraction of Dharamshala are the Tibetan carpets. The hand woven carpets come in vibrant colors. They are great souvenirs to take back home. Beautifully designed carpets depict either Tibetan legends or present the mother nature in its most beautiful form.

Tibetan Handicrafts

Wooden carving, silk and woolen woven scarves and Tibetan handicrafts are some other very popular items which tourists from all round the world never miss to buy. Take home some superb wooden carvings which will not only decorate your home but will also make you remember the days you spent at beautiful Dharamshala.

Embroidery Items

These are specific to Dharamshala and have always fascinated the tourists pouring in from all over the globe. Beautiful cardigans, shawls and gloves are some items which women tourists love to shop for here.