Night Life

Evening Stroll or a Dance Party. Make Your Choice.

Evenings tend to be lazy in the hills. Feel the cool breeze and experience serene surroundings while you stroll down a lonely hill road. Or, if you are young and want to spice up your evening then Dharamshala can be the place to hang around.
Be a party animal, dance like mad and have fun at some of the best nightclubs in Dharamshala. If you feel partying is not your stuff then you can go to a video parlour for a movie.

Watch Movie. The Way You Never Did.

The video parlours here are little different. We do not have multiplexes, the video parlours here have VCRs and big screen TVs. A type of experience you will not have anywhere in the world. You need to reach the theatre early as generally house goes full here.

Live Music & Poetry

Dharamshala is a place that offers perfect setting for a relaxed evening. You can choose to visit restaurants and cafes that offer live music and poetry recitation.

Things you Can Do To Make Night Life at Dharamshala more Entertaining.

  • Stroll Down The Road
  • Visit Night Clubs at Dharamshala
  • Watch Movie at a Video Parlour
  • Live Music & Poetry